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WebGC is focused to offer retailers and restaurants, immense flexibility in the setup and management of your online storefront. We are a hosted e-commerce solution that allows you to run your own online store efficiently. We design a custom template that accepts credit card orders and processes shipping and then you are free to list your products.

We provide flexible storefront options

WebGC's storefront options allow you to provide your customers with the products they want in an efficient and cost-effective manner for your business.

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  1. Standard Cards

    Offer standard gift cards to your customers, once purchased your customers can send them to multiple addresses or pick them up in your store.

  2. Virtual Cards

    Enable customers with virtual cards that remove shipping costs while enhancing the customer’s experience through customization and instant delivery.

  3. Merchandise

    Enhance your store with additional retail products like hats, shirts and sauces.

  4. POS Integration

    Our strong relationship with NCR Aloha, Digital Dining and Focus POS allows us to provide you with seamless integration to your POS systems.

Our e-commerce and stored value solution experiences have been established and offered for over 17 years now. Our platform offers an intuitive user-interface, and an easy-to-use back-end management portal.

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