What is WebGCStore?

WebGCStore is a customized web storefront where shoppers can buy gift cards and/or certificates from your establishment. These cards can be physical cards, and with certain POS systems, we offer the popular ‘virtual cards’ that can be sent to friends. Our storefronts can also offer retail items. We have shipping integration with UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex.

How much does it cost?

WebGCStore is priced to be very cost-effective, structured with a one-time licensing and setup charge, and then a very modest monthly fee which covers store hosting, all commerce product updates, today's security concerns and support.

Once I sign up for WebGCStore how long does it take until my store is ready for orders?

WebGCStore’s are typically launched within 10-14 business days. Stores require the use of widely used PCI compliance gateway partner: Authorize.net.

Do I need a credit card merchant account?

You will need either a credit card merchant account, or a PayPal account to successfully receive payment for your gift card orders.

How do I receive payment from online shoppers?

Your store can be setup with one of the following three payment options:

1. Standard Payments: along with each WebGCStore order confirmation email, you are emailed a secure link that shows the detailed credit card and billing information for that order. You would then manually process the payment at your establishment by entering the credit card information into your payment processing system.

2. Authorize.net Payments: the shopper's funds are automatically transferred from their credit card to your bank account. Authorize.net fully automates the purchasing process; all you have to do is fulfill the order. Authorize.net charges an additional monthly fee of $10.95.

3. PayPal Payments: the shopper's funds are automatically transferred to your PayPal account. If you don't already have a PayPal account and wish to sign up, then visit PayPal.com. With PayPal payments your shoppers will have to go through PayPal's checkout pages when making GC purchases.

The shopper experience is identical with Standard and Authorize.Net. Our prime recommendation is Authorize.Net since this fully automates the payment process. For merchants who prefer entering credit card payments into their terminal directly, Standard is a more economical option. We recommend PayPal if you already have a PayPal account and are familiar with PayPal, and if you don’t mind your customers going through an external checkout.

How does shipping and handling work?

Shipping and handling can be configured to your liking. Some merchants charge a flat rate while others may offer free shipping, or use custom pricing formulas.

Does WebGCStore support coupon/discount codes?

Yes. These coupon and promotional codes give you the ability to offer special pricing for select customers or discounts for all shoppers. An example promotion code would be 10% off all purchases over $50. Merchants frequently increase traffic to their WebGCStore by advertising these codes in their marketing materials and emails.

Can shoppers buy gift cards for friends and family?

Shoppers can purchase gift cards as a gift for someone else, with the option of shipping to another address. They can also type in a personalized message for the card recipient.

How easy is it for shoppers?

The gift card purchasing process is quick and easy. Your shoppers can safely and securely purchase gift cards in a matter of minutes with our without an account.

Does WebGCStore create and ship GCs?

No. WebGCStore provides the online store so your customers can easily and securely order gift cards. You will still need to provide and ship the GCs to your customers, or give them the option of picking up the GCs at your establishment. You can use any gift card program you want, from Point-of-Sale generated cards to handwritten certificates, and sell them on your WebGCStore. If certain restaurant POS systems are used, then ability to automate the full process is available. Including fulfillment options on the cards themselves.

How will I know when someone places an order?

You will receive a detailed email and/or phone text message for each order. You can also view all GC orders and history from your web control panel.

How secure is WebGCStore?

Security is our number one priority. All WebGCStores are hosted in a carrier-grade data center using the latest physical and electronic security measures. All sensitive data is transmitted using only high-grade encryption.