Fraud Detection & Prevention

Through machine learning, geolocation databases and fraud network integrated API we can detect fraudsters in real time. This enables merchants to prevent fraudulent transactions and chargebacks before they happen.

Less Manual Review

Save time by automatically blocking fraudsters at scale. No need to hire more staff or dedicate more resources to fraud review. As more transactions are processed our system and Sift Science will be able to automatically stop fraudsters.

Increase Sales & Improve Customer Shopping Process

Confidently accept more good orders and give legitimate users the smooth, easy buying experience they deserve. Our system will not interrupt the purchase process for customers as everything happens after the customer has submitted the order.

Unlike brick and mortar, liability for fraud shifts from the card issuer to the merchant for online store transactions, which are classified as Card Not Present. If a chargeback takes place, the merchant is generally liable. When a fraudulent transaction happens, it often ends in a blame game between processors, banks, card networks and the merchants. The ultimate responsibility falls on the issuing bank. Additional layers of protection can be added along the authorization chain, including blacklists, AVS, fraud suites and 3rd party solutions.

The good news is a merchant can implement best-practices in tandem with products and services that aggressively counter fraudulent activity. The goal is significantly reduced fraud, minimal management overhead and optimal shopper convenience. Based on a merchant’s storefront and transaction profile, WebGC & Netmasons can recommend a specific plan of action and set of services to achieve these goals both short-term and long-term.

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