Virtual Cards (eGift)

Enable customers with virtual cards that remove shipping costs while enhancing the customer’s experience through customization and instant delivery. Customers also have the optional ability to schedule the delivery of eGifts. Virtual cards are personal and convenient for your customers.


Your customers will love being able to customize their design. You have the option to choose specific designs for your customers to choose from (we provide free templates but feel free to add your own). You also have the option to allow the customer to upload their own designs.

Gift Confirmation

After purchasing a virtual card the recipient will receive an email presenting their gift and the customer will receive a receipt with the gift details.


Customers are presented with a PDF they can print off that is simple to read and scan (we support both bar codes and QR codes). Users that visit their card from mobile devices are presented with a stylish and efficient version of the card that can be scanned or presented for the card number to be taken down.